Certifications for public and private works

The Consortium companies have all the certifications required by the regulations in force for public procurement


The SOA Attestation is the mandatory certification to participate in tenders for the execution of public works contracts. It is a necessary document able to prove, during a tender, the ability of the firm to execute, directly or through in subcontracting, public works. Consortium Companies have of all the requirements set forth in the legislation to verify and attest the technical / economic and moral / organizational skills of the Companies. The SOA Attestation is currently governed mainly by:

  • Public Contracts Code, Legislative Decree 163/06, updated with d.l. 104/10 (Article 40 et seq.)
  • Rules for implementation and execution of the Contract Code, d.p.r. 207/10, (Article 60 et seq.)


The ISO 9001/2008 Certification, which is owned by the Consortium Companies, meets a number of international valid standards, referring to quality management systems, namely the organizational structures that public and private companies must adopt to orient the company to achieve results in line with market expectations. Certification requirements apply to all business, commercial, industrial processes, purchasing management, and production processes.


Special Registers

Companies joining the Consortium also have the following subscriptions to Special Registers envisage that the companies performing this type of work be equipped with special technical equipment.

Cat. 10 A - Compact asbestos removal

Companies provided with such certification, with registration at the National Register of Environmental Manager, are able to carry out waste management and remediation of asbestos-containing goods and have staff with proven experience and training.

SQ 012 - Equipment maintenance services

The RFI Qualification System refers to the performance and specialist expertise of the rail system. The SQ012 qualification is recognized to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service providers of the equipment used to maintain the infrastructure of the railway infrastructure.

National Research Register

Consortium companies have chosen to specialize exclusively in biotechnology, their activities are directed to the research, selection and marketing of useful microorganisms for use in the field of agriculture.


Anti-mafia register

In the “Mission Structure” to prevent the infiltration of organized crime in post-earthquake reconstruction interventions in the areas of Central Italy (Article 30 Decree Law 17 October 2016, No.189) there is a list called Anagrafe anti-mafia of the performers . The discipline stipulates that the execution of such work must be entrusted to undertakings that have submitted an application for registration in the “Register”, stating that there are no grounds for anti-mafia purposes.



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