Project Details

  • Client NameComune di Firenze
  • LocationFirenze (Italy)
  • Date2009
  • CategoryBonifiche e protezione ambientale

About this project


The works concern the reclamation and permanent safety (MISP) of the former Gover Zone “Intervention 6”. Ex situ off-site activities, designed to definitively isolate polluting sources, have allowed the recovery of the public green area. The interventions consisted of:

  •  15,800 sqm of soil affected by the intervention
  •  8,770 cubic meters of excavations and excavations
  •  2,880 metric tons of disposal at authorized disposal sites
  •  8,770.00 square meters of rinterri
  •  9,650.00 square meters of bentonite geomebrana
  •  54 test reports / sampling / analysis soil contaminants contaminated by dangerous hazardous agents and waste.
  • Geognostic and chemical surveys